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PBA Society of Canada:

This designation was rebranded on January 1, 2015 and was previously known as Registered Public/Professional Accountant – created in Alberta in 1980, Canada in 1984, Atlantic Canada in 1996, Ontario in 2013 and British Columbia in 2014.

  • Promotes, organizes and coordinates the educational activities of a diverse and growing group of designated accountants. The PBA designation can be attained when certain educational and work experience requirements are met.

  • Promotes and furthers the profession of accounting across Canada.

  • Provides you with an incredible opportunity to meet with those practicing in all areas of the accounting industry. Once you have obtained your license you will be part of a well-recognized association.

  • Educates industry, government and the general public. A Licensee holding the designation of a PBA is a recognized designated accountant.

  • Provides a continuing education program for Licensees’ of the association through seminars, workshops and an annual convention. PBA Licensees’ are required to accumulate continuing education credits annually to remain abreast of changing legislation and advancing technologies.

  • Public practicing Licensees’ are subject to a practice review on a periodic basis. This allows the association to ensure that the standards set by the association are being met.

  • Is an association dedicated to the improvement and advocacy of accounting in the public interest.

  • Licensees’ view the association as a vehicle that does good things for them, for the profession and for the association.

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PBA Canada Board of Directors

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    PBA Canada Marketing and Public Relations
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    PBA Canada Regulatory Affairs and Professional Conduct
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    PBA Canada Education and Professional Development