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  • Bobby Ann Halliday

    An accountant, management and finance expert par excellence, Bobby has been a vital part of the business industry for about two decades. Born and raised in a Southern Manitoba farming community, she later relocated to Slave Lake where she continues to work on several important business and accounting-related projects.

    Bobby leads her own way. She is an exemplary businesswoman who inspires several others who wish to be just as knowledgeable and experienced as she is. With excellent business, management, leadership, and communication skills, she is now semi-retired and spends her time with her family and consulting for small businesses to grow in their industries.


    Bobby Ann Halliday has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a specialization in the field of accounting from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

    In addition to this, she is currently pursuing the designation of CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) and CPA (Certified Professional Accountants).

    With an impressive academic record, she possesses a unique skill set that compliments her passion for working in the business industry.


    Halliday has been working as an accountant and a business professional for over 18 years. Throughout her career, she has climbed up the ladder of success with giant, consistent leaps.

    She started off as a co-manager and co-owner of TMB Pool Hall in 1997, a community youth program where she aimed to provide a socializing haven to the youth.

    The same year, she started working as a cashier and office clerk at The Bargain Shop, which served as her entry into the business and management world.

    It was not until 2006 that she started working as an accountant at EPR Gordon C. Ferguson & Co. For 8 years, she expertly handled multiple small to large corporate clients and addressed their accounting needs. Moreover, she was also responsible for supervising and training staff members to strengthen their professional profiles.

    Her love and passion for business and accounting eventually lead her to become a business owner and operator. Since 2012, she has been dutifully serving as the senior accountant of Bobby’s Accounting Services Inc. With a strong educational and professional background, Bobby wishes to help her clients identify their financial needs and goals, and devise an effective plan for the future based on their current financial status.

    Personal Business

    Bobby Ann Halliday started her own business in 2012 with the name Bobby’s Accounting Services Inc. As the owner and senior accountant, her goal is to offer personal and corporate full-cycle accounting services to businesses.

    She offers one-on-one counseling sessions to help business clients move in the right direction. She is also skilled at human resource management and office administration controls. The number of new corporate clients coming in over the last 5 years speaks of her amazing client acquisition skills.

    Volunteer Experience

    Bobby began her journey of volunteering as a child working with the youth and seniors of her home town and on into adult age offering her services for the Royal Canadian Legion. In addition to this, today, she works as a treasurer at Slave Lake Elks, a career liaison director at PBA Accountants of Alberta, a project leader at Northern Lights 4-H Club, the director at Traildusters Horse Club of Smith, and the director at Widewater Athletics Association.

    Having achieved so many triumphs already, it won’t be wrong to predict that Halliday’s future would be even brighter.


Phone: 780-805-6073

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