PBA Alliances & Mutual Recognition Agreements

International Business Accountants Limited (IBA) UK

We are pleased to have reached a Mutual Recognition Agreement with IBA to mutually benefit our members. PBA is also proud to be a cooperative partner on a Professional Accountant Training Program under the Belt and Road Initiative in China with IBA.

  • Module mapping has taken place and can be seen on the attached table 1, this shows where module exemptions can be granted for PBA members and students applying to IBA
  • PBA members in good standing will be eligible to apply for all relevant module exemptions. They will be awarded the highest level of qualification which their exemptions complete (Graduate Diploma in Accounting), and be exempted from any modules at higher levels should they wish to continue with their studies.
  • IBA would ask that their members in good standing, with requisite professional experience be awarded the designation of PBA International
  • IBA would ask that if their members or students apply to PBA with the requisite module exemptions then they be granted the ATC (Accounting Technician Certificate)


The Association of International Certified Public Accountants
The Association of International Certified Practising Accountants (CPAPRO) UK

Fully designated PBA’s qualify for the award Certified Public Accountant (CPA) upon
verification of the designation and payment of fees. Members of CPAPRO qualify for the
PBA designation with a business degree approved by PBAC or CPAPRO, payment of fees
and Canadian taxation if providing public accounting services.

Contact: Augustina Mary – OR

International Association of Financial Management (INTERFIMA)

Designated PBA’s with a degree in Business/Accounting or MBA in Finance with a GPA of 4
or higher, have sufficient work related experience and successfully pass the INTERFIMA
exam qualify for the Certified Financial Management Specialist designation.

Contact: Anastasios Avranas –

World Certification Institute (WCI)

Associate Licensees’ of PBASC automatically qualify for the Credential Award of a WAP (World Accredited Practitioner). Fully Designated Members of PBASC automatically qualify for the Credential Award of a WCP (World Certified Professional). Any award
higher than WCP will depend on an ascertained number of years of experience after attaining full membership at PBASC.

WCI will offer a rebate of 30% of certification fees when application is made through PBASC.

Contact: Alex Calare –

Institute for Internal Controls (IIC)

Designated PBA’s with a degree in Business/Accounting or MBA in Finance with a GPA of 4 or higher and verification that at least 50% of professional experience consists of auditing or monitoring internal controls will be granted Certified Internal Controls Auditor designation.

Contact: Frank Nasuti –

Forensic CPA Society (USA)

Designated PBA’s qualify to write the 5-part online certification. Upon successful
completion will be awarded FCPA designation.

Contact: Donna Larson –

Global Academy of Finance and Management

Designated PBA’s with a degree in business from an approved university qualify for Accredited Management Accountant (AMA) designation.

Contact: George Mentz –

Academy of Executives and Administrators (UK)

Designated PBA’s qualify to receive Certified Executive Practitioner designation upon completion of a 5,000 word thesis on business subject approved by AEA.

Contact: Lynne P. Sykes –

Association of Financial Professionals (USA)

Designated PBA’s meet the educational requirements of the Certified Corporate Financial
Planning & Analysis Professional program (FP&A). Candidates must pass both parts of the FP&A exam and be members of the AFP to be granted the FP&A designation.

Contact: Stacy Saul –

The Institute of Chartered Professionals

Designated PBA’s who possess a business degree with a GPA of 4 points or higher and who have verifiable management experience qualify for the Professional Award Chartered Professional in Financial Accounting.

Contact: Prof. I. Charles –

The Chartered Institute of Management Specialist (CIMS)

Designated PBA’s who possess a business or accounting degree with a GPA of 4 points or higher or a grade B and who have verifiable managerial experience qualify for the Professional Award Chartered Manager (C.Mgr.).

Contact: Jane Campbell –

St Lawrence College

Your coursework at St. Lawrence College has been approved by the PBA for prior learning credit, which can be applied towards 12 of the 20 PBA Program courses. These exact
courses are the qualification for the Accounting Technician Certificate (ATC) through the PBA and you can apply for it immediately while you pursue your PBA Diploma.

Athabasca University

Designated PBA’s with a minimum 5 years business management experience may be admitted to Athabasca’s MBA program. The University will review each applicant on an individual basis and is the sole judge as to whether said experience qualifies.

International Qualifications Network (Global)

Designated PBA’s may be exempt from 2 of the 4 unit tests leading to Certified Public Accountant designation.Exemption decision is given on an individual basis after registration for the qualification. They require all academic transcripts and certificates to claim any exemption.


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