Educational Partners

Keyin College – PBA Program

The ultimate goal of our partners’ PBA program is to provide the level of education required for the PBA Designation in the areas of: Accounting, Cost Accounting, Statistics, Information Systems, Business Law, Ethics, Economics, Communications, Financial Management, Canadian Taxation, General Management, and Human Resources.

Upon graduation, students will have a comprehensive foundation in multiple aspects of business with a major emphasis on accounting. This is a high-level accounting program designed to provide substantial skills that you can utilize upon graduation.

The PBA program is designed to prepare students, upon graduation, to register to write the PBA Entry To Practice Designation Exam with the PBA Society of Canada.

Upon graduation from the PBA program, students will be prepared to:

  • Implement the knowledge base and skills consistent with industry expectations for entry level employment. You will be able to meet competency requirements set out by the PBA Society of Canada.

  • Excel in the PBA Entry to Practice Designation Exam and qualify for membership with the PBA (subject to gaining professional experience).

  • Progress in your career as a future PBA.

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