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Educational Partners



The ultimate goal of our partners’ PBA program is to provide the level of education required for the PBA Designation in the areas of: Accounting, Cost Accounting, Statistics, Information Systems, Business Law, Ethics, Economics, Communications, Financial Management, Canadian Taxation, General Management, and Human Resources.

Upon graduation, students will have a comprehensive foundation in multiple aspects of business with a major emphasis on accounting. This is a high-level accounting program designed to provide substantial skills that you can utilize upon graduation.

The PBA program is designed to prepare students, upon graduation, to register to write the PBA Entry To Practice Designation Exam with the PBA Society of Canada.

Upon graduation from the PBA program, students will be prepared to:

  • Implement the knowledge base and skills consistent with industry expectations for entry level employment. You will be able to meet competency requirements set out by the PBA Society of Canada.
  • Excel in the PBA Entry to Practice Designation Exam and qualify for membership with the PBA (subject to gaining professional experience).
  • Progress in your career as a future PBA.

Educational Partners

Global Academy of Finance and Management

Contact: George Mentz – coo@gafm.org

Designated PBA’s with a degree in business from an approved university qualify for Accredited Management Accountant (AMA) designation.

Educational Partners

Academy of Executives and Administrators (UK)

Contact: Lynne P. Sykes – info@academyofexecutivesandadministrators.org.uk

Designated PBA’s qualify to receive Certified Executive Practitioner designation upon completion of a 5,000 word thesis on business subject approved by AEA.

Educational Partners

The Institute of Chartered Professionals

Contact:Prof. I. Charles – chahosa1@gmail.com

Designated PBA’s who possess a business degree with a GPA of 4 points or higher and who have verifiable management experience qualify for the Professional Award Chartered Professional in Financial Accounting.

Educational Partners

The Chartered Institute of Management Specialist (CIMS)

Contact: Jane Campbell – admin@cimsglobal.us

Designated PBA’s who possess a business or accounting degree with a GPA of 4 points or higher or a grade B and who have verifiable managerial experience qualify for the Professional Award Chartered Manager (C.Mgr.).

Educational Partners

St Lawrence College


Your coursework at St. Lawrence College has been approved by the PBA for prior learning credit, which can be applied towards 12 of the 20 PBA Program courses. These exact courses are the qualification for the Accounting Technician Certificate (ATC) through the PBA and you can apply for it immediately while you pursue your PBA Diploma.

Educational Partners

Athabasca University


Designated PBA’s with a minimum 5 years business management experience may be admitted to Athabasca’s MBA program. The University will review each applicant on an individual basis and is the sole judge as to whether said experience qualifies.


The CELPIP and CAEL tests are accepted by the PBA Society of Canada as proof of English language proficiency. CELPIP and CAEL are the only Canadian tests designed to measure English language proficiency in everyday and professional contexts, and provide an accurate and precise assessment of a test taker's language abilities in a variety of situations.