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Become a PBA

The PBA Society of Canada Licence requires a range of skills and education, encouraging applications from qualified women and men.

PBA Licence Application

If you think the Benefits of a PBA Licence is right for you, please check our online application forms and apply for a license.

*Please Note: The application form is for both License, Associate License and Student License, please check accordingly on the form.


The PBA Licence requires an approved application, application fee, annual licence fee, transcript of post-secondary education and a complete resume with references.

PBA Licensee and Designation holder:

  • The applicant is required to have a minimum of two years work experience in accounting along with the educational requirements.
  • As a Licensee, you will be required to maintain a CPE level of 30 credits per year and all licensees in public practice must have or be covered by Errors & Omissions insurance.

Associate Licensee: Any applicant that has not completed all the required education and work experience can apply for an Associate Licence. All Associate Licensees’ must be actively working towards completion of the PBA requirements. Associate Licensees’ retain many of the same rights and benefits of the association and are bound by the bylaws and policies of the association.

Student Licensee: Any applicant that is taking the full PBA program as they require all or most of the education and work experience. Student Licensees’ retain many of the same rights and benefits of the association and are bound by the bylaws and policies of the association.

Course Name Level Code Pre-requisite ATC *
Financial Accounting 1 1 AC101 X
Financial Accounting 2 2 AC201 AC101 X
Financial Accounting 3 3 AC301 AC201
Financial Accounting 4 4 AC401 AC301,FM301
Management/Cost Accounting 1 2 MA201 AC101 X
Management/Cost Accounting 2 4 MA401 MA201,QU201,FM301
Statistics/Quantitative Methods 2 QU201 X
Information Systems 2 IS201 AC101 X
Strategic Information Systems 5 IS501 IS201
Business Law 1 LA101 X
Principles of Economics 1 EC101 X
Business Communications 1 BC101 X
Financial Management 3 FM301 EC101,AC201 X
Strategic Financial Management 5 FM501 FM301
Canadian Taxation 1 4 TX401 X
Canadian Taxation 2 5 TX501 TX401
External Auditing 4 AU401 QU201,IS201 X
Internal Auditing 5 AU501 AU401
Principles of Management 2 PM201 X
Human Resource Management 2 HR201

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* ATC stands for Accounting Technician Certificate. The certificate is granted to Student or Associate Licensees’ only after completing the selected 12 courses.

In addition to the above courses; a minimum mark of no less than sixty-five percent (65%) must be achieved on the Entry to Practice Designation Exam. Successful pass on our Entry to Practice Designation exam is required. An online exam preparatory course available as an option to all applicants.

CPA Exemption: The CPA (CA, CMA, CGA) Entry to Practice Designation exam exemption is currently available to applications received by Dec 31, 2020. Canadian CPAs are currently eligible for full Licenses without having to write the Exam.

License Benefits

  • PBA Canada can provide you with a valuable opportunity to meet with those practicing in all areas of the accounting industry. You belong to a recognized association.
  • Public Practice Licensees’ or those who require it have access to the association’s group Errors & Omissions Insurance.
  • The association’s newsletter helps keep Licensees’ informed of upcoming events and changes to your association and the accounting industry.
  • Access to annual conventions. Licensees’ benefit from a variety of seminars and presentations from different sectors of the industry.