Welcome to PBA Canada

The PBA Society of Canada, formerly the Registered Professional Accountants’ Association of Canada (RPAC), is committed to promoting accounting to a diverse group of designated accountants.

Becoming a PBA Licensee provides you with an incredible opportunity to meet with those practicing in all areas of the accounting industry. Once you have obtained your license you will be part of a well-recognized society of designated accountants.

Benefits of Becoming a PBA

  • PBA Licensees’ are entitled to our associate, affiliate, full or student membership and access to the PBA Canada designation or our Accounting Technician Certificate (ATC).

  • Access to training and continuing education opportunities.

  • Group Errors & Omissions insurance.

  • Mutual recognition agreements and benefits from other groups and organizations in Canada and around the world. This can be your fast track to securing other accounting and financial designations.

  • Being able to start your own recognized accounting practice and benefit from a practice inspection review.

Why Choose a PBA

  • Practicing Licensees’ are subject to a practice review on a periodic basis. This allows the association to ensure that the standards set by the association are being met.

  • A Licensee holding the designation of a PBA is a recognized accountant.

  • PBA provides a continuing education program for Licensees’ of the association through seminars, workshops and an annual convention. PBA Licensees’ are required to accumulate continuing education credits annually to remain abreast of changing legislation and advancing technologies.

Regional Accounting Bodies

Our Educational Partners

As our exclusive seat based educational partner in Newfoundland and Labrador, Keyin College offers a comprehensive PBA Program.

The PBA program is designed to prepare students, upon graduation, to register to write the PBA Entry To Practice Designation Exam.

Visit Keyin’s PBA program page for more information.

We are currently reviewing more education partnership opportunities, please check back for future announcements.

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What Accountants Say About the PBA

  • “One of the things that differentiates a PBA, [is that] we’re very personal and hands-on with our clients… I know the staff. I know their children. I know everything about them. I know the ins and outs of their business so I do the journey with them. It’s been a very rewarding journey for me.”

    – Angel Meinecke, PBA
    Owner, Celestial Accounting

  • “Becoming a PBA has given me the tools necessary to provide the services that I can. [PBA] has a lot of resources, and knowing that I have the organization behind me gives me peace of mind.”

    – Matthias Krohn, PBA
    Owner, Thalmheimer & Company

  • “The PBA designation is something that will allow individuals to enter the workforce, working with accounts receivable, accounts payable, possibly doing full-cycle accounting, giving them the ability to gain a wealth of knowledge in those areas so that they can advance their career all the way up the managerial chain.”

    – Margo Desmarais, PBA
    Finance Team Lead, University of Alberta

  • “Small and medium-sized businesses are 50% of the economy here in Canada, and PBAs are specifically designed to target that market…They need the professional guidance of a PBA to help them understand the opportunities that they need to capitalize on to be successful.”

    – Solomon Nordine, PBA
    Owner, Complete Accounting Solutions